Great times are here for pet animal lovers, owners, and service providers in Nigeria, as One Health and Development Initiative (OHDI) establishes a comprehensive all-services Directory for all pet/animal care, health, and welfare service providers in Nigeria. This includes veterinary clinics, services, and products, pet shops, trainers, groomers, boarding and shelter providers across 36 states of Nigeria, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The Directory is a key component of the Project Advancing Pet Welfare in Nigeria which seeks to improve animal welfare by promoting humane education and facilitating access to quality animal health information and services in Nigeria. It is supported by Animal-Kind International – a US-based nonprofit that provides support to animal welfare and protection programs especially in developing countries.

The OHDI Directory is strategically designed to serve as an open-resource platform for pet and companion animal care services and will be boosted by a 24-hour call-line through which people can access quality information on pet care and get referrals to verified animal health and welfare services and products within their vicinity. This innovation was borne out of the need to close the information gap on quality animal health and welfare services in Nigeria; making it easily accessible and verifiable. It would also provide a reliable database for strategic policymaking, information dissemination, and future targeted animal welfare interventions in both private and public sectors.

Additionally, verified pet health and welfare service providers in cities and communities across the country will receive visibility with no charges. We believe that this innovation would contribute to improving animal welfare and help to reduce the rates of complications and mortalities which commonly arises from poor access or information to animal health services providers.

Call for Enlistment in OHDI Petcare Service Directory


Are you a veterinarian providing clinical animal health services and products? Or you are an animal scientist, technician, or other non-vet service provider supplying pet care services and products such as breeding, training, grooming, boarding, sheltering for dogs, cats, and other small pets? Then this is for you!

We are currently putting out the call for enlistment into the OHDI Directory. Enlistment is free and shall be done by completing the OHDI Directory Form and the information provided will be verified before full enlistment. The OHDI Directory for Pet Care, Health, and Welfare services is scheduled to go live on Monday, 14th September 2020.

Join the Directory today by completing the OHDI Directory Form as indicated.





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