Tusk Awards 2021

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for the amazing conservation work they do in Africa? The Tusk Conservation Awards highlight achievements of individuals working for conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa. There exist three conservation awards to be decided; The Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa is awarded to a distinguished individual for exceptional lifetime achievement in African conservation. The Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated a considerable commitment to conservation, and who has already made a significant impact. The Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award recognizes the dedication and commitment of an individual who works in the field on a daily basis protecting Africa’s wildlife.


£100 thousand for the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa

£75 thousand for the Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa

£30 thousand for the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award


Across all three awards decisions are made based on the following eligibility criteria:

  • Proven positive impact on the lives of the people and wildlife of Africa.
  • Demonstration of past successes.
  • People who act as a role model and provide a level of mentorship.
  • People whose ideas are replicable or scalable in-country and across the continent.
  • Country nationals with the exception of long-term residency (15+ years) or commitment to country/region/ building capacity of local team members for future leadership.
  • People and projects that will continue into the future and are sustainable.
  • People who take a grassroots approach to their work and are inclusive of local communities.
  • Proven collaboration amongst peers and within Government structures.
  • Work that needs to be recognized and given publicity in order to thrive.
  • People that can prove ‘value’ for money and have the ability to manage grants and reporting requirements.

The deadline for nominations is on 26 March 2021

Click here for more information and application


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