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Over the past few months, One Health and Development Initiative (OHDI) has been engaging coastal communities on their ocean conservation and environmental management issues through the Project Conservation Education.

One of our major project achievements has been the production of the Conservation Education Training Manual for Coastal Communities in Niger-Delta, Nigeria. This training manual is an educational tool that has been developed from key evidence-based research findings on the most common locally-relevant ocean conservation and environmental issues of the target coastal communities. It is presented as a structured guide to promote and disseminate relevant information and education and has been designed to be adaptable, yet relevant to conservation and environmental issues of these coastal communities. It is intended to be freely available as an open-resource guide to be utilized by any trainer/teacher/volunteer who wishes to provide community-based education on ocean conservation and environmental management, and inspire community action.

To validate the relevance and effectiveness of the Manual, we hereby call for local and international stakeholders to review the OHDI Conservation Education Training Manual for Coastal Communities which can be viewed and downloaded here. We encourage relevant feedback, comments, and inquiries from both individual and institutional stakeholder who have or are currently working in conservation, biodiversity and environmental management sectors. The training manual will be open for the stakeholder review period from 12th to 20th March 2021.

Kindly share your feedback by sending an email with your feedback to indicating your name, designation and institution. You can also make direct comments on the Google drive platform, if applicable.

We commit to considering all received feedback and all contributors will be appropriately credited for their input into the Training Manual.  


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