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One Health and Development Initiative (OHDI) is pleased to announce its partnership and grant support from Animal Kind International to implement the new project “Advancing Pet Welfare”.

Project Advancing Pet Welfare seeks to solve the issues of poor animal welfare and animal appreciation in Nigeria; change behaviors, attitudes, mindsets, and actions that perpetuate animal abuse; and facilitate access to animal welfare information and services. Therefore, the project will promote humane education and animal welfare services among animal owners, caregivers, and service providers in Nigeria.

The main project activities will include;

  • The establishment of on-site and virtual training on humane education, pet care, and animal welfare.
  • The launch of an online directory of animal health and welfare service providers in Nigeria
  • The establishment of a hotline platform that will provide access to animal health and welfare information and service referrals in Nigeria.

Through this project, we will particularly work with pet owners, enthusiasts, and service providers to increase awareness and education on humane treatment of pet and their welfare, and abolish the perpetuation and norms of animal abuse. We will also connect pet-owners to quality pet care and welfare services on-demand and build a community of informed pet lovers and owners who will have improved capacity and empathy to directly improve the welfare and health of their animals.

The project will officially kick-start in September and if you would like to further support this through volunteering or other forms, feel free to send an email to us at




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