March 3rd of every year is set aside for the celebration of the diverse wild animals, fauna, and flora. It is also a day set aside to raise awareness about the importance of conservation of wild species both to man and the entire ecosystem. Asides these, we are reminded of the urgency of the need to intensify the fight against poaching and other forms of wildlife crimes that have health, socio-economic and environmental impacts. Sustainable development and wellbeing of men are influenced by the intrinsic values and contributions of wildlife. Hence, the reason for several organizations such as the United Nations, several civil societies, non-governmental organizations and individuals are involved in global celebration of life in the wild as well as playing a pivotal role in curbing the menace of illegal trading of wildlife species.

This year, the theme is sustaining all life on earth.  This year’s theme encompasses all forms of lives both wild animals and plant species as they both comprise the biodiversity of nature. It also highlights the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations especially the 1, 12, 14 and 15 goals. The theme also supports commitments to the alleviation of poverty, sustainable use of resources and conservation of life on land and below water to end the loss of the biodiversity of species. These commitments are essential as there is a consistent interplay between the biosphere and the needs of man such as air, food, energy, and materials. As well as the unsustainable activities of man which exploits the species and natural resources such that many species are in a risk of becoming extinct in the coming decades.

The implementation of World Wildlife Day is facilitated by the secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in collaboration with other relevant United Nations organizations. CITES has 182 Member States and is one of the world’s most powerful tools for biodiversity conservation through the regulation of trade in wild fauna and flora.

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