The second edition of the bi-weekly OHAM Program Webinar held on Thursday, April 30, 2020. At One Health and Advocacy and Mentorship (OHAM) Program, learning, and engagement on relevant issues and topics of One Health form the core of our activities. And for students and young professionals in the sector, academic and professional career growth remains one of the most important sources of ambition, drive, and passion. This is why we deem it necessary early on in the program to expand the knowledge of our Fellows and other interested personnel in postgraduate opportunities in the One Health, Public Health, and Allied Health sector

To provided information, training, and capacity building in this area, we invited Dr. Adewole Adekola, a Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholar at the University of London and beneficiary of several past academic and professional opportunities from his undergraduate years till date. It is interesting to note that he is also a Mentor of the OHAM Program. At the Webinar, he provides in-depth information, training, and insights on MSc, Ph.D., and research conference opportunities. He also provides a plethora of resources on various scholarships and graduate schools and their important peculiarities of note. He further provided practical details and strategies on the development of personal statements, research proposals, CV/resumes, and references needed during the application process

This Webinar Video is beneficial and a must-watch for all students and professionals seeking postgraduate opportunities in the interrelated allied health sectors and in One Health

While you can view the Webinar Presentation Slides on Postgraduate Opportunities in One Health, you can also watch the full OHAM Webinar Video with Dr. Adewole Adekola below;


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