Social Media Advocacy is a core part of the OHAM Program and we are getting the Fellows right into it!

First, why Social Media Advocacy?

We consider the use of social media as an opportunity to propagate our key advocacy messages on issues of One Health, reach new audiences, and network with stakeholders in One Health and other like-minded professionals. It is also a great medium for us to showcase the work that we are doing as an organization and amplify the work, projects, and activities of our fellows. And with advocacy integrated into our individual and organizational social media platforms, we can be One Health Advocates and reach our target stakeholders anytime and anywhere we are in the world!

To get our OHAM Fellows familiarized with the concepts and practices of Social Media Advocacy, we organized a training for them. This training was conducted on 13th April via Zoom Webinar, and OHDI’s Bayo Ewuola facilitated it. The training provided some insights and practical ways of the use of Social Media, specifically, Twitter as a platform to promote advocacy and interaction.

Watch and listen to the full video recording of the Zoom Webinar on Social Media Advocacy below.

Please note that the training starts at 04:11 minutes.


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