PANGOLIN – Have you ever heard of this animal before?

Probably not!

But surprisingly, they are considered the world’s most trafficked Mammals. Reports estimate that in the last decade, more than 1.1 MILLION pangolins have been poached for different purposes in Africa and Asia. And guess what? Nigeria has become the greatest illegal export hub for Pangolins in Africa. Now, Pangolins are sadly at risk of extinction and some reports have postulated that they may be an intermediate source of the dreaded, highly infectious and new global health threat – Coronavirus.

Watch this video to find out why Pangolin is in such high demand, the dangers of using and consuming pangolins and pangolin-derived products, and most importantly, the need to protect these animals and keep them from going extinct.

Video Source –National Geographic


Also, read this interesting National Geographic Article on the intricacies surrounding the illegal trade of Pangolins


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