Animal Welfare Research in Africa

We are happy to announce that One Health and Development Initiative represented by the Executive Director, Dr. Kikiope Oluwarore-Isedowo is leading a consortium of international researchers to implement a pan-African Animal Welfare research commissioned by the African Union -Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR). The research seeks to develop a compelling case to raise the consciousness of Animal Welfare among target policy stakeholders in Africa. In implementing project activities, researchers will gather data and lessons learned on how animal welfare affects other sectors of society and development in Africa. This evidence will then be utilized to engage and convince relevant decision-makers in Africa of the need to make animal welfare a priority in all member states of the African Union.

Dr. Kikiope will be working with consortium team members which include Karen Menczer, Founder/Director of Animal-Kind International, USA; Dr. Martins Achiri, Founder/Director of Animal Welfare Society, Cameroon, Dr. Kalange Muhamudu and Dr. David Balondemu of BAM Animal Clinics, Uganda.

We look forward to implementing a successful, productive, and engaging project even as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to promoting Animal Welfare and One Health for all.


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