For the One Health and Advocacy and Mentorship (OHAM) Program, learning and engagement form the core of our activities. One of our established platforms for achieving this is through our fortnightly OHAM Webinars.

The first Webinar for the 2020 Cohort, held on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 and we were pleased to have our invited guest speaker, Dr. Cheryl Stroud. Dr. Stroud is the Executive Director, One Health Commission and a veteran in One Health Advocacy. She led us through a highly educative and informative session with the One Health Advocacy and Mentorship (OHAM) Fellows and our distinguished Mentors.

In her lecture, Dr. Stroud highlighted current global health challenges and the need for One Health implementation to cushion their effects across interdisciplinary boundaries. In her words, “our systems have pushed us into silos”, hence the need for solutions for us to collaborate and pool our resources, skills, knowledge, and experience, and support each other in sustaining the world we live in – humans, animals and the ecosystem. She also presented several examples of One Health in Action from all over the world, showcasing positive impacts that such collaborations have made. She also discussed several opportunities and resources that can be accessed in One Health, a lot of which can be found on One Health Commission. In providing so much enlightenment, information, resources and more, Dr. Cheryl Stroud gave the OHAM Mentors, Mentees, and Staff a wonderful lecture on One Health around the World.

Watch the full OHAM Webinar Video with Dr. Cheryl Stroud below;



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